Simple, cheap and intuitive smartphone for visually impaired users

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Simple, cheap and intuitive

BlindShell is the easiest way to touch phone

BlindShell is a smartphone providing access to the Android system for visually impaired. The environment is controlled by simple touch gestures. The following functions are included: Call, Messages, Contacts, Alarm, Notes, Voice Recorder, Calendar, Book Reader, Color Recognition, Banknote recognition, Magnifying Glass, BookShare, Calculator, Settings, Information About State, Favorites and Missed Events. A unique, easy-to-use keyboard for writing numbers and texts is seamlessly integrated.


Picture of the BlindShell phone  

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Success story

Blanka is a 65 years-old blind woman, and she had no previous experience with a touch phone so far. She had been using a traditional phone equipped with a physical keyboard. When her phone broke, it was impossible to get new one of a similar type. Finally, she decided to go to the special accessory shop on the premises of Czech Blind Union. She tried BlindShell, and after a brief training session she concluded that BlindShell is the perfect solution for her needs. That same day she sent several SMSes to her son and called to her friends.